Third Grade

TeacherYears Teaching
Mrs. Rose Girard

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Villa Maria College

“The best thing about teaching is Watching the children’s faces when they have gained new knowledge. It’s exciting to know that I have influenced our young people to be life-long learners.”

TeacherYears Teaching
Ms. Judy Abel

"The best thing about teaching is working with the children and helping them to love reading. I try to provide many different learning experiences."

What We're Learning:

Third grade is a big year for OLC students. They will receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in late April, and they work hard all year to prepare for this very important event. This year each third grader has an eighth grade Buddy to help them along their spiritual journey.

In Math, teachers begin the year with addition and subtraction with regrouping. They move on to multiplication and division and focus on it for a large portion of the year.

TerraNova standardized testing is done in early October.

The third grade celebrates the holidays with many different integrated units. For example, around Thanksgiving, they write journals from the perspective of a Pilgrim traveling to the New World. For Earth Day, they learn about recycling and research endangered animals in the computer lab.

In Language Arts, the students become very involved in independent reading of chapter books. They work on writing persuasive, expository, and descriptive writing using the Writing Process.