Middle School

7th Grade

TeacherYears Teaching
Mr. Doug Klick
Mrs. Emily Shambaugh3

8th Grade

TeacherYears Teaching
Ms. Amy Extein
Sr. Katherine Horan

What We're Learning:

Middle school is a time of transition at Our Lady’s Christian School. 

During these two years, Mr. Doug Klick, Mrs. Emily Shambaugh, Ms. Amy Extein and Sr. Katherine Horan give students additional responsibilities for their own educational development. In addition, the students are encouraged to take on more of an adult role in their moral development in areas such as self discipline and respecting the rights of others.

Middle school students begin to see the connection between the past, the present, and the future as they study the people and events of history and geography. Through their work in government and economics, they learn how to become effective, responsible citizens. All social studies course work includes strong emphasis on technology, research projects and public speaking.

The science curriculum at Our Lady’s Christian School incorporates cooperative learning, technology, math-language integrated activities, and hands-on labs into the students' daily routine. This strategy reinforces concepts being taught in a stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere. The students have the opportunity to participate in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition.

The Middle School Math Program at Our Lady’s Christian is a pre-algebra curriculum for the seventh grade and an algebra curriculum for the eighth grade. These curricula are enhanced by various teaching techniques. Such techniques include cooperative learning, reviewing for tests in multileveled stations, computer support programs, research projects, maintenance sheets and integration with social studies, language arts and science.

Field trips enrich the multifaceted curriculum. Also, the eighth grade reads the novel A Gebra Named Al as an integrated project of math and science (chemistry). This grade will also be involved in a ten-week project, The World-Wide Stock Market Game. Parents who work in the financial field serve as guest speakers to enhance the student's background on the stock market and assist the students in building a portfolio. The seventh graders research a famous mathematician or scientist and write a 2-3 page report. They develop a two-point interview, dress as their research subject, and present the subject’s life and their contribution to mathematics or science.

In our language arts class the students master many grammar skills through the art of diagramming and applied English. The skills are also integrated into their literature units. The students review and practice the writing process throughout the year. Students are exposed to various genre of literature through the use of thematic units. The students work cooperatively within literature circles to read and analyze many different novels such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Across Five Aprils, Every Drop of Blood, The Summer of My German Soldier and The Giver.