Fourth Grade

TeacherYears Teaching
Mrs.Holly Morphy


Education: Bachelors of Science in Elementary from Clarion University, Masters of Reading and Language Arts from Oakland University.

"The best thing about teaching is knowing that I am touching the lives of every child who walks through my classroom door. Sharing my love of knowledge and love of God makes this the best job in the world!"

TeacherYears Teaching
Mrs. Lisa Luthringer

Education: Bachelors of Science in Education from Edinboro University. 

"The best thing about teaching is that you get to laugh with your students every single day!"

What We're Learning:

Mrs. Morphy and Mrs. Luthringer welcomes you to fourth grade!

Language Arts stresses both reading and writing. Students learn about story elements, main idea and details, cause and effect, fact and opinion, table of contents, index, and author's purpose while reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature. The students have the opportunity to read chapter books, biographies, and Greek myths from our Leveled Book Collection. They apply the skills they have learned to select books matching their particular reading level.

The skills we learn in English are applied in our writing. Learning about correct sentence structure, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs help us to become better writers. Fourth graders are introduced to several forms of writing including personal narratives, descriptions, comparisons, letters and reports.
Poetry is another part of our curriculum. We not only read many kinds of poetry, we also try our hand at writing our own poems.

Place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication concepts, dividing by one digit, measurement, statistics and probability, and fractions are all part of the fourth-grade math program. The students also apply some of the skills used in reading when working on word problems.

In science, fourth graders work on plant structure, animal behavior, food chains and food webs. They also learn about matter, weather, Earth science and the human body. In health, they learn about how to stay away from drugs and alcohol. They also study the digestive and circulatory systems. An important part of the science curriculum is the opportunity for the students to participate in the Science Fair.

Fourth-grade social studies concentrates on the United States, its history and its regions. The students learn all the states, the capitals and their geographic locations.

The religion classes in fourth grade study the Commandments and the Beatitudes. Also, students learn about different kinds of prayer and how to use the Bible. Through discussion and activities, the students learn what God expects of us and how we can best follow God's plan. The students also participate in the right of Reconciliation throughout the year.