First Grade

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Mrs. Sarah Malena4

What We're Learning:

In first grade, Mrs. Malena and Mrs. Caulfield begin the year with a review of basic math skills and the beginning letter sounds learned in Kindergarten.

Calendar skills are integrated into the first-grade curriculum to enhance the math and language arts by teaching numbers, patterns, counting, days of the week, and months of the year. During this time, students also work on fluency through choral reading of poems.

First grade has a focus on beginning reading skills. Students learn decoding skills through our rigorous phonics program. Students also focus on comprehension, fluency, spelling and vocabulary. Students learn to write paragraphs and improve their handwriting.

In Science, we cover many different areas including life science, physical science, and earth science. At the beginning of the year, we start off with a Butterfly Unit. The students are actively involved in the process from collecting Monarch eggs, watching the caterpillars grow and transforming into beautiful butterflies!

In Social Studies, we take a look into different types of communities, careers, our earth and its resources, and our country. At the end of the year, first grade finishes with a Career Day. Students learn about different careers that are in our community and invite representatives to come in and talk about their jobs! This engages students to think about what they might grow up to be some day.

In Math, we focus on mastering our basic addition and subtraction math facts to 12. We also cover measurement, geometry, place value, graphing, money and telling time.

During Lent we make a special effort to learn the Stations of the Cross. We practice and perform Living Stations with help from middle school lectors. We have performances for the school and the parish. The students always impress with their amazing ability to portray the Stations of the Cross.

We end the year with a field trip to the WLD Ranch to build teamwork skills and try out horseback riding! First grade begins with the review of sounds, and ends with everyone reading.