What Makes Us Different


Our Catholic faith is at the center of everything we do. Our school day begins with prayer. We explore our faith and experience sacraments together. Students know that God is included in all of our activities as we encourage each other to live out Gospel values. How does this make a difference? It sets the tone for our approach to education, beginning with our belief that each child is a unique individual created by God with special gifts and talents.


St. Jude faculty members have an average of 18 years teaching experience with half of the teachers earning master’s degrees.  Every teacher in the school has earned state teaching certification. St. Jude employs teachers in music, art, technology, gym, library and also provides specialists in reading, math, enrichment and speech therapy.

High Academic Standards

Standardized achievement tests show our students’ academic performance is above grade level in every grade. Overall scores are above the national average and some of the highest in the diocese.


In both the computer lab and classrooms, students have access to the newest hardware and software. In computer class, students learn practical applications that help them research and develop concepts from science, language arts, and other classes. Students learn an appreciation for technology as tool for learning and expressing ideas—not an end unto itself. 


St. Jude is a tight-knit community. Parents are in our school everyday as coaches, library volunteers, classroom assistants and cafeteria helpers. Over the years moms and dads get to know each other, their child’s classmates, and their families. For students, sharing the elementary and middle school years together forges bonds that stay with them for a lifetime.